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In her early years Deanna did a number of paintings in various mediums, most of which she gave away. I believe the oil painting shown here is among the earliest. It was done in Florida when she was taking lessons from Emil Hotzhauer. The drawings and prints were done in Medicine Hat during the 80s, when she took a break from sculpting. The papier mache clown dates back to the early days of her marriage. It was a little gift for her husband and he loved it. Still does.

In addition to her unique artistic talents, Deanna was a first-class crafts person. A few examples of her craftwork are included in this section. When she got tired of the serious stuff-tired of the hard work and concentration it involved-she would turn to her crafts for relaxation. She could make almost anything out of paper or clay or what-have-you. She could have been a successful counterfeiter. Some of her painted clay medals and medallions are indistinguishable from the metal versions. Using paper and paint, she could replicate any flower known to man.

She made quantities of various insects and other small ornaments with pins and magnets attached to their bellies. A few of them are shown here. They were cheap little things, almost giveaways, but they were bright, lively and sweet-quite perfect for what they were. I think some of them approach the borderline between art and craft.

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Barn with Tractor

Beetle Magnet

Butterfly in Bell Jar On Table

Christmas Poster with Balsa Wood Violin

Clown with Violin

Country Church

Deer Mouse

Dragon (Magnet-a giveaway)

Homestead Series

Homestead Series 1

Homestead Series 2

Homestead Series 3

June Bug

Mushroom Fairy Circle

New Nurses Residence (Magnet-a giveaway)

Nurses Residence Brooch

Nursing Medallion

Oil Painting

Old Farmhouse

Old Nurses Residence (Magnet-a giveaway)