Small Stuff

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Deanna’s “Small Stuff” work encompasses miniature prairie scenes, delicate little flowers set up on bark or tiny bits of wood, butterflies, small versions of owls (old and young) and a variety of hand-sized mammals. The mammal set includes mice, chipmunks, squirrels, gophers, mountain pikas, marmots, and raccoons. These sculptures were made one at a time by hand. The eyes in the owls and mammals are painted in. The little creatures were set on chunks of wood-frequently on manzita root. The flowers were set on small pieces of bark or wood.

The little owls and mammals were quite delightful to look at and to hold in your hand. I was especially taken with her chipmunks-especially one of them who was standing up with a red berry in his front paws. Regrettably, it was sold to someone before I could get my brand on it.

Her mice were close to perfect. Beatrix Potter would have admired them. Sometimes the mice were depicted in twos or threes, gathered together on a larger piece of manzita root. She made one mouse on a square of plastic in response to an odd request from me. The plastic is silly, the mouse isn’t.

Earlier in her career she produced these little creatures and flowers in droves. They almost invariably sold out wherever she presented them for sale, which was a good thing. At that time they paid for our daily ration of porridge.

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13-Lined Ground Squirrel

Alberta Badlands Hoodoos

Alberta Rose

Baby Owls

Butterfly in Bell Jar No. 1

Butterfly in Bell Jar No. 2

Butterfly in Bell Jar No. 3

Chipmunk With Nut

Green and While Farmstead (miniature)

June's Rose

Mermaids Living Room


Mountain Pika

Mouse on Plastic

Ontario Trillium

Pika with Grass in Mouth

Pink Butterfly

Prairie Church (miniature)

Prairie Crocus