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This website has been created to celebrate Deanna’s artwork. The images displayed here represent a good overall example of it, but there’s a lot more out there. Over the years she created and sold at least two hundred major pieces-Prairie Scenes and Owls-as well as several hundred of her little items, examples of which can be seen in the Small Stuff section. (The actual number of major pieces is currently being researched whenever our researcher, namely me, gets a free moment.)

I know the names of some of Deanna’s patrons, but our sometimes-too-extreme privacy laws have often prevented artists, including Deanna, from learning the names of some of the people who purchased her works of art. (I think it’s crazy that this is allowed to happen.)

If you are the owner of a major piece of her work-a large owl or a prairie scene-then you own something that is precious and unique, and we’d love to add a photo of it to this website so that others can appreciate it. You can reach us on this contacts page to offer your comments and photos, if you wish. It would be helpful to us if you’d send the date(s) and title(s) of the creation(s) along with the photo(s), if possible. You’ll find the date written somewhere on the piece. The title is not critical, but it would be handy to have it. Doing this will enhance the known extent of Deanna’s work and, at the same time, fully establish your piece as an original work of art by her. And please feel to include any comments you’d care to pass along about any of Deanna’s artwork you may possess-such as when you got it, and so on. Thanks.

Similarly, if you have a “Small Stuff” piece that’s not already on the website, or if it differs in a significant way from those shown here, or is somehow very special, please send us a photo of it through the contacts page. And please send us your comments, if you’d care to make any.

The privacy of all those who contact us will be strictly respected. Your email address, if offered on the Contacts Page, will not be revealed to anyone else.

Thank you for visiting Deanna’s website.

Don Lemna



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